Virtual Reality Simulation Training:

RTW Endorsement. 
Truck Licence. 
NZ Forklift Operators Certificate. 

Another +IMPAC solution to keep New Zealand’s workforce safer

Whiti Cadet on VR Simulator

At +IMPAC, we recognise the pivotal role of skilled operators and collaborate with businesses throughout New Zealand to mitigate plant and freight damage, minimise inventory loss, and enhance workplace safety by addressing the issue of inadequately trained operators. As a VR training provider for Truck, Construction and Forklift operators in New Zealand, we lead the way in equipping operators with the necessary skills. 
+IMPAC has formulated an extensive blueprint tailored to businesses, offering a systematic journey for operators with the overarching objective of enhancing standards in the realms of excellence, safety, and expertise. Our training program encompasses a certification process that encompasses meticulous assessment, ongoing evaluation, and an unwavering commitment to perpetual learning, all geared towards cultivating an elite cadre of certified operators. 
We harness the power of cutting-edge VR technology in conjunction with individualised one-on-one coaching to expedite team training with remarkable efficiency, all within an environment that is both secure and longterm.  

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