A proven Pathway to assess and improve Competence.

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At VR Competency we understand the importance and value of having skilled, competent operators within your organisation. We know that this often comes from a strong desire to protect your employees from harm, to grow their confidence and skillset, but to also ensure no other party is impacted by your employees' actions. It is widely recognised that poorly skilled operators can also have a significant impact on the bottom line as a consequence of damage to business assets, manufactured products, inventory loss and also through reputational damage from incidents and prosecution that may occur.

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In partnership with our leading VR (Virtual Reality) technology supplier, input and feedback from our NZ based clients, we have developed a suite of tailored training programmes which embrace VR technology to assess an employee's current skill level and operating behaviours to highlight development needs. And we then provide a safe space to practice and enhance their overall competence.

Leading training
  • Forklift Operators
  • Civil Construction Plant Operators
  • Truck Drivers - Class 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Bus/Coach Drivers
  • Light commercial vehicles and car drivers
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Why choose VR Competency?

We offer an accelerated training platform that incorporates VR simulation technology to raise competency levels of new and current operators. Our approach is evidence-based and proven to produce better skilled and work-ready operators - and it is quicker than traditional instructor-led sessions only. Our courses also expose students to various climatic and visibility conditions, a wide range of road corridor environments and an opportunity to experience in a simulated manner the negative impacts and risks that drugs, alcohol and fatigue have on their ability to operate safely.

How does our proven Pathway to Competence work?

Our programme consists of three key services we offer to our clients:


• Utilising VR technology to measure and evaluate objectively a student's skillset and behaviours against set criteria and

• To determine current levels of competency and improvement focus areas based on data output


• Classroom

• VR simulators AND

• Real-life machinery


• Embraces both VR simulators, examination and real life machinery

Immersive virtual reality simulation training combined with real scenarios is how industries are preparing workers to safely acquire new skills, be competent and job ready.

Why VR technology?

The use of VR technology has significant advantages especially when combined with real life training:
    • Accelerate learning - learner centred experience for reduced training times and increased competencies
  • Consistent and objective assessment
  • Practice safely, make errors without consequence
  • Scenario-based, interactive learning modules
  • Improve retention + recall both mentally and in muscle memory
  • Increase accuracy + competency
  • VR offers efficiency + scalability

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